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Future Factory Brand

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Every now and then, you get to do simple things that are just cool. Such was the case with this logo for a conceptual video series called Future Factory. 

As a part of the launch for our LeTourneau University videography program, a select group from our marketing & communications team collaborated to brainstorm programming ideas that catered to our audience. Future Factory was one of them. 

LeTourneau University has long been known for its practical yet innovative approach to problem solving, and many of its graduates have very successful careers in impactful industries. As a truly polytechnic university, most activities are hands-on, involving instructors with real-world experience and students eager to make a difference. At any moment, you can walk into a classroom or laboratory and witness professors and scholars engaged in meaningful work that solves real-world problems. In many ways, the resulting tangible and conceptual developments truly make LeTourneau a factory for the future.

When I began developing the logo, I wanted it to be simple but cool. It needed to reflect the pragmatic approach of the classroom while subtly communicating a perspective on the future. After creating a few different designs, my favorite ended up being the letter “F” created by a connected pulley/conveyor system.

The simplicity is accomplished through the use of lines of equal stroke weight and basic circle shapes. All of the characters are lowercase with added kerning to increase the space between the letters. I also incorporated a recent design trend by using a colorful blue-red gradient in order to reinforce a futuristic feel. The end result appears fundamental, but anything more complex wouldn’t work as a network bug (the digital on-screen watermark that broadcasters overlay on the bottom or top portion of the screen).