Sneauxball Catering Co.

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Sneauxball Catering Co.

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Who doesn’t love snocones! Nothing says summer like a big cup of fruit-flavored crushed ice. When I was asked to create a logo for this Florida based company, I knew I would have to infuse the joyous excitement of summer into the design of the brand. Bright festive colors, snocone illustrations (obviously) and festive vibes were all a part of the design. The only additional challenge was to incorporate the creole roots of the owner. This is seen in the spelling of “Sneaux” and further accomplished with the fleur de lis and colors reminiscent of Mardi Gras.

The client also had a vision to extend his business beyond snocone sales and into event catering. This brought about a need to have a slightly more formal version of the logo that ditched the illustration and kept the wordmark.