The Council of 75

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The Count of Monte Cristo is one of my favorite movies of all time. It’s a period piece about a wrongfully, but intentionally imprisoned young man who escapes and uses a hidden treasure to execute his carefully calculated revenge. Though I’m not a glutton for a vengeance, the story was so thoughtfully written and delivered with such elegance and sophistication that it’s hard not to like. In one particular moment during the movie, the main character, played by Christian Bale, creates one of the most exquisite party invitations you can imagine, inviting the entire town to witness his grand arrival. The invite was black with golden art and calligraphy, and definitely presented the event as something no one would dare miss. Then, in perhaps my favorite scene, the main character descends from the night sky, in a golden hot air balloon, onto the red carpet atop his castle to the ooo’s and aah’s of onlookers. He hyped the event, and he definitely delivered.

As a designer, inspiration can come from so many places, and the Count of Monte Cristo’s elaborate invitation stuck with me. Never would I have ever thought I’d have a chance to design something similar and for an event as prestigious, but that’s exactly what happened. As part of a strategically planned event to advance our institution, we invited several leaders from across the nation to participate in discussions for the future. From the day they were invited, to the experiences they enjoyed to the time of their departure, we wanted them to feel a part of something special. We called it the Council of 75.

In dedication to our 75-year history, the Council of 75 deserved a theme and identity worthy of LeTourneau University’s legacy and able to communicate the importance of the future partnerships desired to deliver. The image below was the final, chosen C75 crest that we used across a multitude of materials, ranging from web pages to directional signs to table cloths.

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