Shepstyle Media day

Kilgore Bulldogs Baseball 22-23

Thank You!

Thanks for a great picture day! We had a great time capturing photos and appreciate your orders! You’re photo gallery is ready for viewing.

We had a great time capturing photos and appreciate all of your orders! We’re excited to share your graphics and photos!

Over the past couple of months, we’ve been transitioning to a system better suited for you. At the moment, we are in the middle of that transition, so please pardon the multi-location delivery of your photos. Below, you’ll find a couple of helpful links to access your photos. 

All orders include a free, high-resolution digital with print release. You can find and download those images at the first button link. Prints from these orders will arrive in about a week.

If you’d like to order more prints or request the custom graphic design of your images, please use the second button link along with the QR code given to you/your athlete at the photo session. If you’ve lost it, use the global access code, “KILGOREBSL23” and enter a little information to recover your individual QR access code.  

All print preorders will be delivered as soon as they come in. (If you find any typos or errors, please inform me within the next 24 hours to avoid any graphic misprints.) 

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Digital Download Gallery

If You Preordered, Your global access Code is: KILGOREBSL23

If You Didn't Preorder, Your Global Access Code Is: KHSBSL23