Shepstyle Media day

Marshall Mavericks Softball 22-23

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Thanks for a great picture day! We had a great time capturing photos and appreciate your orders! You’re photo gallery is ready for viewing.

Below, you’ll find the links to all available galleries. If you preordered photos, you can download your high-resolution digital files and order more prints if you desire! Just click the “Preordered Releases” button below.

On most occasions, we take every participant’s photo, even without a preorder. So, if the ‘unreleased photos’ button is visible below, you can still order digital or print copies of photos by finding your watermarked image in the, ‘unreleased photos’ gallery. 

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We are currently finalizing our system to make all other, unreleased photos available, and expect this system to be ready around April 6th or 7th. As soon as it is ready, the link will be posted here for everyone to view and purchase using their access codes. Check back later for the link. Thanks!

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