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Strategic Plan Creative

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Integrated Media

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Creative Direction
Branding Design


LeTourneau University




It is vitally important for any business or group to have collaboration and support for their internal mission and goals. With the abundance of positive change surrounding LeTourneau University, the time had come to unify campus partners around our future direction.

In concert with university leaders, our marketing and creative team was tasked with developing a strategic plan and visuals that would embody our goals. Being a STEM school with a broad range of disciplines, covering all areas is always a challenge, but we ultimately chose to brand our strategic plan after the periodic table. It’s widely known and represents elements that can be joined together to create different compounds and reactions. It was an appropriate representation of how we’d hope the individual parts of our institution would work together moving forward.

The designs I created were to be implemented across a number of items over the next 3 years. We used them on books, bags, the web, communications materials and all sorts of swag items.