NOW Magazine Fall 2021


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NOW Magazine Fall 2021

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Creative Director
Graphic Designer


LeTourneau University




LeTourneau University has been around for more than 75 years, and the NOW magazine has existed for nearly as long. In its early stages, it was a modest, folded, black and white newsletter, but it has since grown into the primary recurring publication of the institution.

As part of our marketing team’s efforts to continue the evolution of the magazine, we collectively decided to make a number of changes to its overall presentation. We’d recently updated the masthead, and in this issue, we determined that we would increase the overall size, adjust our paper stock and modernize the design of the magazine’s recurring sections.

Many significant events surrounded the release of this particular issue. In addition to celebrating its 75th year in existence, LeTourneau also inaugurated a new president and created a new internal strategic plan. These and other stories were incorporated into an issue full of great content. From the custom cover to the contents inside, the magazine was well received by the campus community and university constituents.